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[NEWS] 110503 Jay goes up on the list of sold-out stars with ‘TAKE A DEEPER LOOK’ selling out

Singer Park Jaebum’s mini album ‘TAKE A DEEPER LOOK’ is continuing with its daebak parade.

This album, having been released on April 27th, has had its original number of 50k albums sold out in just 5 days, and has gone into additional production. About this, an associate of sidusHQ, Park Jaebum’s company, said, “This album, having been explosive in its pre-ordering before the release as well, has recorded the completion of the pre-ordered purchases of 54k albums, exceeding the original production amount of 50k, and there are still yet more orders hammering on/offline stores through distribution companies.”

Continuing on, he revealed, “Putting the support of the fans into account, we’ve decided to produce an additional 20k limited edition albums, originally supposed to be 50k albums in total, and afterwards, the album will be sold as the regular package version.”

On the other hand, the debut stage of Park Jaebum, having called on the situation of scarcity upon his first mini album with explosive popularity, will take place on May 6th’s KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ as a live stage.


[INTERVIEW] 110504 Jay reveals that it looks like he’ll be producing in America soon

Jaebum has revealed that he wants to work with group Black Eyed Peas’ leader Will.i.am.

Jaebum, having unleashed his first official album ‘TAKE A DEEPER LOOK’ last month, attracted attention by saying in an interview taken place on the afternoon of the 4th in a cafe in Jongro, “It looks like I’ll be working in LA, America.”

Jaebum passed on this fact whilst talking about the artists he wanted to work with. He said, “I got to know Ne-Yo while I got to stand on his concert’s opening stage, and I was happy because he complimented me upon listening to my music, telling me it was Americanized and really good.”

Also, Jaebum passed on, “I want to try working with Ne-Yo. I like Usher, and I like Will.i.am too. I think I’ll get to work in America soon.” To the question that asked him if he had a want for expanding into the international market, he answered, “I don’t think words like Hallyu stars fit me well yet.”

However, Jaebum revealed his feelings with, “I was really surprised about how I got no. 1 on the Norweigian iTunes chart. I’m thankful that countries like Canada, in which I haven’t done any activities in, have sent me reactions. I think the power of YouTube is scary.”

On the other hand, the listed songs in Jaebum’s first album that were released to the world through Apple iTunes on the 27th, have previously struck a hot issue by taking not only no. 1 in the R&B and Soul genre, but being ranked in the upper parts of the charts in seven countries including Canada, Denmark and Japan.CREDITS: MY DAILY (SOURCE), JINASTAR@ITSJAYPARK.COM (TRANS)

Joon wut are you doing?

Joon wut are you doing?

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